Mobility of artists key to Impala’s post-Brexit recommendations


Independent body Impala has been debating the potential impact on music from the UK’s upcoming exit from the European Union – aka ‘Brexit’. It has published a list of recommendations for the cultural sectors, following a meeting with more than 60 experts from across Europe.

One of the key recommendations concerns freedom of movement for artists and their teams, from a Brexit that increasingly looks like it will ditch this principle for all citizens. “Mindful of the needs of the next generation of creative talent, we recommend the introduction of specific arrangements that would allow artists, cultural and creative industries professionals, their teams, materials and equipment to move freely across borders in the UK and the EU,” is one of the recommendations.

Impala is also keen for the UK government to commit to implementing the European copyright directive – Article 13 included – even if it is adopted across Europe only after the UK exits.

Impala also wants more clarity around what’s happening with EU funding programs that involve music and other creative sectors. “We call on the Brexit negotiators to recognise the importance of these recommendations, not just in the light of ongoing shared economic interests, but also with a vision of facilitating future co-operation and neighbourhood,” said Impala’s executive chair Helen Smith.

Stuart Dredge

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