Warner Music Group signs partnership with DotBlockchain


Blockchain startup DotBlockchain appears to have secured a high-profile new partner from the rightsholder world: Warner Music Group. “In the next months, Warner Chappell publishing and WMG labels will collaborate with us to create a revolutionary way for record labels and publishers form a collective truth about their media assets on the blockchain,” announced DotBlockchain, while stressing that the partnership is starting with a limited catalogue. “As the project scales, we will enable the WMG companies to harmonise, manage, store, track changes, and communicate their enormous catalog of digital assets across both the publishing and recording sides of their business, as well as to digital service providers and their fellow labels, publishers and rights organisations globally.”

WMG joins CD Baby, Fuga, Songtrust, Socan and the latter’s MediaNet subsidiary on the list of partners for DotBlockchain, and even if the partnership is experimental on Warner’s side, it’s still a feather in the cap for the blockchain startup. “The future of rights management will be one in which machines will augment the work of humans and enable the music industry to work at a speed and scale fit for the digital era,” said founder Benji Rogers. “Warner has fully embraced this vision, and are leading with a data-first and future-facing strategy.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge