Former Spotify man creates Repertoire blockchain music-index


Erik Beijnoff was once the CEO of consultancy firm Devant, which was involved (and thus had a stake) in music-playlists startup Tunigo. When that company was acquired by Spotify in May 2013, it became part of the streaming service’s drive into programmed playlists and music discovery, with Beijnoff taking a product-development role at Spotify as part of the acquisition.

However, having exited Spotify in March this year, he’s now working on something independent – and interesting. Beijnoff has founded a company called Repertoire, which is creating “a global authoritative index for everyone and everything in the music industry… a decentralised information management framework” that’s “collectively governed with and by the industry itself”. And yes, blockchain technology is involved.

“We have reverse engineered the original Bitcoin blockchain source code, while stripping unnecessary features and adding novel features” explains Repertoire’s website. Registered as a non-profit organisation in the Netherlands, Repertoire says “we acknowledge other decentralised music rights initiatives, which we support in their endeavour but often differ with in perspective regarding e.g. which rights layers are demanded to be open and which not”.

It’s Beijnoff’s experience within the largest music-streaming service that makes this potentially interesting: can he take the lessons learned within Spotify and apply them to the long-running ‘one database to rule them all’ music-industry dream?

Stuart Dredge

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