Muso launches ‘Piracy by Industry’ dashboard for trade bodies


Anti-piracy-tools firm Muso has made its name with research on the scale of online piracy of music and other content, as well as with its partnership with UK indie trade-body AIM to help its labels tackle piracy of their music. Now it’s launching a new service aimed specifically at trade bodies (and ‘government-level organisations’) based on all this. It’s called Piracy by Industry Dashboard, and will give these bodies “access to month-by-month piracy data across all their industries…

By empowering trade bodies with insights into piracy activity every month and giving them access to data specifically tailored to the industry they operate in, Muso will enable them to react quickly to unfolding trends and regularly reassess their strategy”. For example, by seeing the top piracy sites for their industry, or the top methods of piracy.

The big trade bodies are already well-used to monitoring and acting on this kind of data, of course, as their high ranking in Google’s search-takedown-requests index shows. But if Muso is going after the longer tail of trade bodies around the world for the music industry (and other creative industries of course) there could be potential in the new dashboard.

Written by: Stuart Dredge