eMarketer breaks down US digital-video advertising predictions


Research firm eMarketer has published its latest predictions for digital video advertising in the US, which includes a new number for YouTube.

“This year, YouTube will generate $3.36 billion in net US video ad revenues, up 17.1% over last year,” claimed eMarketer. “YouTube now derives 73% of its ad revenues from video in the US. YouTube overall represents a steady 11% of Google’s net US ad revenues.”

This is part of a bigger piece predicting this year’s video-ad revenues for Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, although eMarketer notes that YouTube isn’t the same kind of service exactly as those, so comparisons are risky. Still, the figures: its report suggests that Facebook will account for $6.81bn of video-ad spending in the US this year, which includes Instagram. That would be 24.5% of ALL video-ad spending in the US this year, and 87% of video-ad spend on social networks there. Snapchat is predicted to trouser $397.3m from video ads in the US this year, up nearly 19% year-on-year, while Twitter is predicted to make $633.3m, up just over 12%. And overall? “In 2018, video will grow nearly 30% to $27.82 billion,” claimed eMarketer. “That means video ad spending will make up 25% of US digital ad spending.”

Stuart Dredge

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