SoundCloud opens up its Premier monetisation program


SoundCloud has thrown the doors open wide to its SoundCloud Premier program, which enables independent artists to make money from streams of their tracks on its service. Any SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited creators – those who pay a subscription for extra tools around their uploads and profiles on SoundCloud – can now join the program.

CEO Kerry Trainor described the move as “expanding SoundCloud Premier’s direct monetisation offering from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of eligible creators” with the promise that SoundCloud’s revenue share “meets or beats any other streaming service”. The service will also be paying out royalties on a monthly basis, matching Spotify’s promise in that service’s recently-announced direct-uploads tool for artists.

Caveats: besides having to be a Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber, musicians can only make money from original music to which they own or control all the necessary rights – mash-ups, remixes and cover versions are out. They must also have ‘no copyright strikes at time of enrolment’.

The competitive threat posed by Spotify’s recent announcement is clearly front of mind for Trainor. “Where some streaming platforms might be inviting hundreds of artists to monetise directly on the platform, we’re inviting hundreds of thousands of artists to monetise directly on the platform,” he told Billboard.

Stuart Dredge

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