Amy Winehouse hologram tour planned for late 2019


Tupac “started” it in 2012 at Coachella when a holographic incarnation of him appeared on stage and since then both Maria Callas and Roy Orbison have been able to get back on the road – well, hologram versions of them at least. Now, according to Mitch Winehouse (father of the late singer), an Amy Winehouse hologram tour is being lined up for the end of next year. It is a collaboration between the Winehouse’s estate and BASE Hologram, the company behind the Callas and Orbison tours. “Featuring digitally remastered arrangements of her classics, the hologram will be backed by a live band, singers and theatrical stagecraft,” runs the statement from BASE.

Profits from the tour will go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, the charity set up in her honour to help disadvantaged young people grappling with alcohol or substance abuse issues. While the cynical might raise an eyebrow about the slow rise of the holographic tour, at least in this instance the profits are going to a worthy cause.

Written by: Eamonn Forde