This is far from the biggest surprise you’ll read in your inbox this week, but Instagram appears to have overtaken Snapchat in popularity among American teenagers. This, at least, is the claim in research firm Piper Jaffray’s latest ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ survey, which quizzed 8,600 US teens about their consumer habits – from shoes to social networks.

Here are the figures on the social apps: 85% of teens surveyed said they use Instagram at least once a month, compared to 84% for Snapchat – the first time the latter has been dislodged from top spot in Piper Jaffray’s survey. 47% use Twitter (down from 56% two years ago) and only 36% use Facebok (down from 52% over that same period). It’s not all bad news for Snapchat however: when asked what their *favourite* social platform was, 46% of teens said Snapchat and 32% Instagram.

Disappointingly, the company didn’t ask teenagers about their music-streaming services of choice. The survey did throw up some stats on Amazon Prime membership for US households (i.e. paid for by their parents). “Prime adoption is at 74% vs. 66% in Fall 2017,” reported Piper Jaffray. “Based on responses proportionate to income brackets, we estimate there are US Prime households in the low 80 millions, up from high 70s last Spring.” That’s the trend driving Amazon’s quiet but impressive growth in music-streaming.

Then again, Apple has some stats to cheer in the survey: 86% of teens say their next smartphone will be an iPhone (although there’s a debate to be had here about what teens want versus what they’ll actually get). Meanwhile, 38% of US teenagers’ daily video consumption comes from Netflix, compared to 33% on YouTube. Oh, and the average annual budget of a US teenager for video games is now $215 – for teen boys it accounts for 14% of their spending, behind only food and clothing.

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