Report suggests Twitch still dominates the live-video market


We’re used to thinking about YouTube as the dominant online-video platform, and it is… for pre-recorded videos. But for livestreams, Amazon’s Twitch subsidiary remains top dog. At least, this is the verdict of a report published by StreamElements, a company that provides moneymaking and community tools for streamers.

“During Q3, Twitch saw over 2.5 Billion hours watched, which was 127 million more hours than Q2 and a 408 million hour increase over January,” claimed its report. “That said, YouTube Live bounced back in a big way from its lowest point in March (with fewer than 100 million hours viewed total for the month), to more than 226 million hours viewed in September – close to 25% of Twitch’s viewership (up from 15% in March).”

The report also suggests that Twitch’s growth is coming from its ‘long tail’ – channels outside its top 100 – as well as scotching assumptions that Twitch is mainly about people watching esports: “Esports represent only around 9–17% of total hours viewed on Twitch (largely averaging out at 10% through the year)”. One final stat: fans of the game Fortnite watched people playing it on Twitch for 389.1m hours in the third quarter of this year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge