Spotify and Google team up for smart-speaker giveaway in the US


Well, ‘giveaway’ may not be quite the right term here: it’s not a complete freebie as it requires a paying subscription. But new *and* existing Spotify Family plan subscribers in the US can now claim a Google Home Mini smart speaker as part of their subscription, without having to pay for it. That means the master account holder (the person paying $14.99) can get the device for their home, to share with those family members.

The offer kicks off today and will last until the end of the year, and at the time of writing is US-only. It’s the latest deepening of Spotify’s partnership with Google, which interestingly seems to have made Spotify as much of a priority for its Google Home speakers as its own YouTube Music. How that continues in 2019 as the marketing for YouTube Music continues to ramp up will be another question, however.

Stuart Dredge

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