Spotify launches database of women in audio and music production


Spotify’s latest diversity initiative is a database of women working in audio and music production, launched in partnership with nonprofit organisation SoundGirls. It’s called the EQL Directory, and is inviting women to submit their details for inclusion, with 736 profiles already featured and filterable by skill (audio, live, FOH, studio, recording engineer etc) and location.

“It’s estimated that less than 5 percent of all audio professionals are women. Many people in the music industry are—and have been—working to solve this issue by providing educational, networking, and community resources to increase diversity in these fields,” explained Spotify in its announcement. “And yet, the excuse still exists: ‘We want to hire a woman, but we couldn’t find one.’

SoundGirls founder Karrie Keyes backed that point. “[We] face the myth that there are not very many women or non-conforming people working in audio, and because of this people don’t even bother to look. The EQL Directory proves that this is not true.”

Stuart Dredge

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