Impala hits back at YouTube over Article 13 reforms


European independent-music organisation Impala has published a response to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s latest criticism of the Article 13 section of the proposed new European copyright directive.

“Far from threatening our ecosystem, however, the directive will make things clearer, fairer and sustainable for all,” wrote executive chair Helen Smith, in a letter published in the Financial Times – the same publication where Wojcicki set out her fears about the new legislation. “It confirms what the courts in Europe have already said. It clarifies that responsibility cannot lie only with the user and the owner of the content, but also with the platforms which give access to the works. That’s the clearer part,” wrote Smith.

“The directive also tackles the value gap — the difference between the economic value produced by a work of art or music and the money that trickles down to its creator. Platforms will have to play by the same rules. No more ‘take it or leave it’ deals. Same rules for everyone. That’s for the fairer part… This should not be about protecting one platform’s business model. YouTube’s recent figures are designed to dazzle, but our members’ own revenue results show that for every €1 from YouTube, Spotify pays €10.”

Stuart Dredge

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