Chartmetric adds catalogue/frontline option for playlists


Music analytics service Chartmetric has added some interesting new features: including the ability to browse playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer by their ratio of ‘frontline’ tracks to ‘catalogue’ tracks. “If a playlist’s tracks are 75% or more released within 18 months, we’ll label it ‘Frontline’. If 25% or less are within that time period, we’ll label it ‘Catalogue’. If it’s between 25–75% new, then we’ll call it ‘Mixed’,” is how the company explained it.

To illustrate the value of this, Chartmetric has been doing its own data-crunching on the top 1,000 playlists (by followers) on Spotify and Deezer, as well as 1,000 playlists on Apple Music (with no public follower-counts on that service, it had to focus on playlists chosen for its Featured Playlists section plus a random selection of others to make up the thousand sample).

What did Chartmetric find? Spotify and Deezer are broadly similar: 37.4% and 39.8% of their top 1,000 playlists respectively are classed as frontline; 38.4% and 38.3% respectively as catalogue; and 24.2% and 21.9% respectively as mixed. Although it points out that seven of Spotify’s top 10 playlists are frontline-focused. Apple Music? For this sample, 77% of the playlists were catalogue – although the random element of the Apple Music sample is a warning against hasty conclusions.

Stuart Dredge

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