Melodrive debuts AI-music generation system for games


Back in July 2016, we wrote a bulletin story about a startup called Melodrive, after spotting a profile on an investment website listing it as an “AI composer for video game music”. It promised that its technology allowed games developers “to create custom soundtracks in seconds, reducing their music costs by up to 90%”.

We haven’t checked in since, but after we released our AI-music primer yesterday, Melodrive made contact and gave us an update. In fact, the company recently launched the beta of its music engine for independent games developers, in two versions: one available from Melodrive’s website, and the other from game-development engine Unity’s asset store. The tech now “composes an infinite stream of original, emotionally variable music in real-time” – the idea being that it adapts to what’s happening within the game at a particular point in time.

At launch, it offers four musical styles: ambient, house, piano and rock. “Indie developers who are often on a tight budget can now create complex, adaptive soundtracks at the click of a button, thanks to AI,” said CEO Valerio Velardo. One to watch.

Written by: Stuart Dredge