MyNyimbo: part label, part streaming service for African artists


The latest music startup hoping to reach an audience across Africa and beyond is MyNyimbo, founded by Zambian artist and entrepreneur Francisco Zulu, who’s now based in the US.

A profile on pitches the company as part label / distributor, and part streaming service / radio station. The pitch – as with South African startup Gongbox, founded by artist Black Coffee – is of a “music platform created for the artist by the artist”. In MyNyimbo’s case, artists are being invited to upload their music, which will then be made available to stream and download, as well as for licensing worldwide. One of the first artists on board is Leo ‘K’Millian’ Moyo from Zambia, according to the article, who’s been a chart-topper this year in his home country.

Stuart Dredge

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