YouTube expands its ‘stories’ feature to more channels


In November 2017, YouTube started testing a feature called ‘Reels’, which was its take on the ‘stories’ format that had proved so popular on Snapchat and Instagram.

A year on, having ditched the ‘Reels’ moniker (they’re now just ‘YouTube Stories’) the feature is rolling out to more channels on the platform.

“Starting today, we are excited to announce that we are rolling out YouTube Stories to all eligible creators with 10K+ subscribers,” announced YouTube last night. “Stories will have the fun creation tools that you know and love. You can add text, music, filters, YouTubey stickers, and more to make your story uniquely you.”

Also new is a comments option, with fans able to give their responses (but with creators also able to use moderation tools to deal with any trolling). Currently, any stories posted will be available in YouTube’s mobile app for seven days, shown in the subscriptions tab as well as within the ‘Home’ and ‘Up Next’ spaces. It’s a feature worth exploring for any musician with enough subscribers on YouTube.

Stuart Dredge

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