Fitness firm SoulCycle launches music program with Apple


SoulCycle has become a hit with its indoor-cycling workouts, and earlier this year it signalled its musical ambitions, with the launch of a media division to work on partnerships with music companies and artists.

One of those has launched this week, with dance duo The Chainsmokers (yes, perhaps not the most-obvious artist name for a fitness partnership), who have created an Apple Music playlist for SoulCycle, and also collaborated on a range of sportswear called Chainsmokers x SoulCycle.

The company is describing its plans using the phrase “fitness concerts” that blend musical performances with pedalling. “Our riders often ask us, ‘What track did you play during the arm series? Where do I find it?’ This is a perfect way to direct them to Apple Music where they can also download playlists created by our instructors,” SoulCycle’s Stacey Griffith told Billboard, about the playlist activity. T

his week will see 17 Chainsmokers-themed rides taking place at studios across the US. SoulCycle isn’t the only fitness firm wanting to do more with music: earlier this year Peloton (which sells people an exercise bike plus the online classes to go with it) bought B2B music startup Neurotic Media.

Written by: Stuart Dredge