Edjo uses blockchain and AI to battle digital plagiarism


Edjo is the latest startup hoping to prove that blockchain technology can be a boon for the creative industries. It’s aimed at digital artists, photographers and musicians, with its focus squarely on the problem of plagiarism. The pitch: “Create an unbreakable link between you and your work! With certificates of ownership generated using the licensing laws in your country, there’s nothing left to chance.”

Edjo will track where work is being used across the internet – legally or illegally – with a Content ID-style system of preferences to let creators set how Edjo should handle any infringing examples (“a variety of choices like just attribution, licensing fees or cease-and-desist”).

This isn’t just about using blockchain technology, though: artificial intelligence is also part of the pitch. “Our patent-pending AI algorithm creates an intelligent description of your photographs and music, and can detect plagiarism with an accuracy of over 92%,” claims the company. “We also use another AI system to track the web more efficiently & intelligently – it can detect hot spots for plagiarism, letting us make passes of the entire internet in mere hours.” It sounds good, but artists will want to see the technology in action before judging its potential value.

Stuart Dredge

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