Spotify opens Discover Weekly playlist up to brand sponsorship


Spotify has a new way for brands to spend money with the company: by sponsoring its Discover Weekly algo-personalised playlist on the streaming service’s free tier.

“For the first time, we are unlocking Discover Weekly for brands to sponsor this personalised moment end-to-end,” is how Spotify described the move.

Microsoft is one of the first brands to jump on board, with an advertising campaign – ‘Empowering Us All’ – based on its own AI technology, and how it might be used in areas including education, healthcare and philanthropy.

Spotify’s pitch is that Discover Weekly listeners on the free tier are some of its most engaged users – “we see that Discover Weekly listeners stream on Spotify more than double the amount of our users who don’t listen to the playlist,” said the company as it announced the move. If the sponsorship proves lucrative, it’s not a stretch to imagine similar opportunities opening up for Spotify’s Release Radar playlist, as well as its Daily Mixes.

Stuart Dredge

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