Simon Fuller ‘couldn’t give a monkey’s’ about streaming metrics


Former Spice Girls manager and American Idol creator Simon Fuller is hard at work with a new band in 2019, Now United, which includes members drawn from a host of countries.

He’s been talking to Billboard about why (audio) streaming hasn’t been playing a role in the band’s early days. “[Today’s] music industry is all about: ‘My song has had a billion views or X gazillion streams.’ I genuinely don’t care about that because – one, they’re not making very much money out of it. No one is getting rich – or not how I define rich. And secondly, the engagement is so thin. That is not the path,” said Fuller. “I couldn’t really give a monkey’s if we have a gazillion streams on Spotify because it doesn’t actually mean anything. I want to engage on every conceivable level – not just streaming.”

Of course, Fuller went on to say that streaming will be part of the longer-term strategy for Now United. “We will embrace everything. Streaming is the future, but it’s just not our priority right now. When we are ready to do it, we will do it. I want to reverse out of the programmed way of breaking artists and try to basically define new ways to engage with your fans…”

Note, YouTube is clearly already a priority for Now United: the band’s own channel includes weekly documentary episodes about their progress, with the channel up to 537k subscribers at the time of writing.

Stuart Dredge

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