Streaming service Audiomack now has 1.5m daily active users


Audiomack started life in 2012 as a site hosting mixtapes, before evolving into a SoundCloud-style streaming service which artists could upload music directly to.

Having made headlines last year when Eminem debuted a new track on the platform (his ‘Killshot’ diss-track aimed at rival Machine Gun Kelly), Audiomack has now grown to 1.5 million daily active users, up from 400,000 a year ago. That’s according to Billboard’s profile of the site and its growth, which also notes that those listeners are playing more than 1bn songs every month.

Audiomack has been a free service, but in August last year it launched a $5-a-month subscription offering ad-free listening and other premium features. The company told Billboard that it has signed up 10,000 paying subscribers so far, with the revenues feeding in to its ‘Audiomack Monetisation Platform’ that pays out royalties to artists. “We’re not intent on becoming Spotify. We’re not trying to become Apple Music. We’re carving out our own lane, and it’s a discovery streaming site,” said CMO and co-founder Dave Ponte.

Stuart Dredge

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