Report claims voice assistants are ‘bigger in the car’


When we write about voice assistants and smart speakers, we tend to assume that these trends are happening first in the home, and will then move to cars.

Actually, a new study from Voicebot suggests that this may be muddled thinking. “Smart speakers and other devices with embedded voice assistants get a lot of media coverage, but twice as many US adults have used voice in the car and monthly active users are 60% higher,” it claims, based on a survey of 1,040 American adults. “The key reasons why voice assistant use is bigger in the car today than smart speakers is that it has been around longer and there are more car owners than smart speaker owners. The first production in-car voice assistant was introduced a decade before the Amazon Echo and nearly 90% of U.S. adults have a car whereas only about 23% own a smart speaker.”

According to the survey, 114 million US adults have tried voice assistants in the car, while 77 million now use them on a monthly basis – “about 60% more monthly active users than the 45.7 million regular users of voice assistants through smart speakers”.

Stuart Dredge

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