Turkey music market still growing, with 1m paying subscribers


In 2018, Turkish recorded music association Mü-Yap expects digital music revenue in Turkey to grow by about 25%, while Metin Uzelli, a veteran of the Turkish music industry, predicts that the overall market will grow by 10-15% as the streaming boom there slows slightly. These views come from our latest country profile, on Turkey.

Bülent Forta, general coordinator and board member of Mü-Yap, estimates that around 1m people in Turkey subscribe to a music streaming service – still fairly small for a country of 81.3m inhabitants. He believes there is still considerable room for digital growth. “A large part of the catalogues has still not transferred to digital,” he says. “There are also no music videos of many tracks. In addition, the number of subscribers is not yet at the desired level. Thus, it can be foreseen that the digital market will grow with big steps in the coming year.”

Find out more, including what the most popular music-streaming service is in Turkey (clue: it begins with a ‘Y’) in the full profile.

Stuart Dredge

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