Dubset API to help artists distribute remixes directly to DSPs


We’ve written about Dubset before: it’s one of the companies trying to make it easier for remixes, mash-ups and DJ mixes to clear the licensing necessary to make them available on all streaming services (rather than just the user-uploaded platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube – where in any case, they risk being taken down if not licensed).

Now the company is trying to speed up the process for artists by launching an API that will integrate its system into DJ hardware and software, among other products.

“Creators can record, mix, and get their music to streaming services directly from their preferred equipment or software. Software and hardware partners, for their part, have no publishing or label deals to make, no relationships with Apple or Spotify to navigate, just a seamless submission of mixed content via Dubset,” explained Dubset.

The company already has a deal with SoundCloud, and is working with a number of firms in the DJ space to roll out the new API.

Stuart Dredge

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