Tencent Music strikes deal with AI-music startup Amper Music


Chinese firm Tencent Music had 644 million monthly active users for its three music-streaming services at the end of June last year: QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo. QQ Music is the biggest of those, so here’s something to think about: it has just struck a deal to use the newly-launched B2B AI-music-composition platform from US startup Amper Music. It’s called Amper Score, and will enable its users to “create and edit music to accompany videos, podcasts, and many other types of content” with a global, perpetual, royalty-free licence.

In the past, Amper has focused on making its technology available for individual video creators who want to quickly knock up AI-generated tracks. QQ Music will be using the new Amper Score API. For what? That’s a little vague, for now. “We look forward to continue providing more unique and innovative experiences to our users,” is what Tencent Music VP Dennis Hau said in a statement.

We asked Amper and CEO Drew Silverstein provided this statement: “Amper’s API is a multifaceted tool that empowers large platforms to dramatically expand the music creation tools they offer their users,” he said. “The interface powers tools that allow users to compose music with just a few keystrokes, or control every individual aspect of the output, as the use case requires. QQ music is leveraging these capabilities to provide unique and innovative experiences to their users.” Watch this space: the sight of the world’s biggest (audio) streaming service working with AI-composition technology is significant.

Written by: Stuart Dredge