Marshmello may be playing a gig within Fortnite this weekend


The popularity of video-game Fortnite has recently sparked a series of lawsuits from rappers and dancers, angry at the game including some of their signature moves without asking for permission or paying any kind of licensing fee.

Some musicians have a more positive relationship with Fortnite though: EDM star Marshmello, for example, who’s broken online-viewing records when playing with gaming celebrity Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. Now it seems he may be doing something official with Fortnite’s publisher Epic Games.

“This Saturday, Epic is throwing an in-game Marshmello EDM concert inside Fortnite Battle Royale itself,” reported Forbes, suggesting that the event will be held in the game’s ‘Pleasant Park’ location from 2pm ET (New York time) on Saturday. There may also be some virtual items available for players to buy, including a Marshmello ‘skin’ (character outfit) around the event.

We’re very interested in the possible licensing around this, in terms of public performance royalties. But for Marshmello, it’s also a huge marketing opportunity to continue building his brand in gaming as well as music.

Stuart Dredge

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