Study tips YouTube to decline in popularity with British kids


Will children ever tire of YouTube? Surely not! Yet that’s the suggestion being made in a new report published by research firm Kids Insights, which is out today.

“According to our data across all ages 4-18 the number of children spending time each day watching YouTube has declined from 61% to 51% in a persistent trend over the year,” claims the report. “Even among older children (10-15 year olds) the proportion watching anything on YouTube has dropped from 65.4% to 54.8% in the last 12 months.”

It suggests games, Twitch and TikTok are among the factors in this decline. In the latter’s case: “Our data shows 1 in 10 tween girls (aged 10-12) used the Tik Tok social app in Q4 2018”. Some other stats worth chewing on from the report: Kids Insight’s surveys suggest that 58% of 4-18 year-olds are now using Netflix – another competitor to their time with YouTube – while one in five children now have access to a smart speaker, while the number of kids who control their devices with their voice has grown from 6% to 11% over the last year.

“As technology becomes more affordable and powerful, this generation of children are demanding more and, as a result, getting and keeping their attention has never been harder as their ecosystem becomes increasingly fragmented and as traditional barriers to entry disappear,” said CEO Nick Richardson in his introduction to the report.

Stuart Dredge

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