Former BMG exec Zach Katz launches music-tech investment fund


Until December 2018, Zach Katz was BMG’s president of US repertoire. Now he’s turning music/tech investor, in partnership with manager Scooter Braun, cryptocurrency firm Ripple, and Something Gold boss Shara Senderoff. They’ve co-founded an investment firm called Raised in Space Enterprises, which will focus on music/tech startups.

Billboard reported that the company will look to invest between $500k and $5m in companies, with Ripple providing a blockchain/crypto angle when necessary.

“Over the last five-plus years every time I’d  have one of these conversations with tech founders I’d find myself being super fired up, but the reality was I had to go back to my day job the next morning, so I could never engage,” said Katz. “I didn’t really see anyone in the world who was sitting between these two industries and taking these two kids by the hand, so to speak, and walking them to the sandbox and taking responsibility to make sure that they were more aligned than they were different and if they could come together there were victories to be had.”

Stuart Dredge

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