Singapore-based music/tech startup Musiio has raised $1m in seed fundingfrom investors including Wavemaker Partners, Exponential Creativity Ventures and other angel investors.

The startup uses artificial-intelligence technology to analyse catalogues of music for a range of clients.

As its CEO Hazel Savage explained at the recent NY:LON Connect conference, the company can power automated search through catalogues for sync companies; it can help labels with their A&R processes (“if you’re an A&R exec at Sony, you work for a jazz imprint, you want female vocalists, we can narrow that down”) and it can be used by streaming services to improve their music-recommendations. “Spotify definitely have the best algorithms when it comes to weekly discovery, daily mixes, but there’s a lot of other streaming services out there… We have three proof-of-concept pilots currently running on customers’ own data, and two commercial contracts in progress.”

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