The new Fortnite? Apex Legends gets 10m players in three days


It’s a bit early to write Fortnite off, given its continued popularity. Still, other games publishers are clambering on-board the ‘battle royale’ bandwagon (or rather: floating bus) including one of the biggest firms, Electronic Arts.

EA and developer Respawn launched a new game called Apex Legends last week, which has elements of Fortnite together with other popular recent games like Overwatch – and is set in the universe of existing game franchise Titanfall. Anyway, three days after the free-to-play shooter launched, it already had 10 million players according to The Verge.

For now, the game is very much focused on players teaming up in squads of three to shoot the bejaysus out of their opponents: there isn’t the same obvious musical elements (from possibly-infringing dancing celebrations to the potential for concerts by bucket-headed DJs). But the growth of Apex Legends and similar games will be worth watching: especially to see if they draw many players away from Fortnite itself.

Written by: Stuart Dredge