Apple Music used Shazam for extended-trial Grammys promotion


We’re getting a sense of how music-identification app Shazam, acquired by Apple in September 2018, will be used by the company to promote Apple Music. Last night, anyone tagging a track during the Grammys ceremony unlocked a ‘Grammy Awards experience’ listing the songs performed during the event.

There was also a special offer: new subscribers (to Apple Music) could sign up to get a four-month free trial – longer than the traditional free period for Apple’s streaming service. It’s an example of an additional lever Apple can now pull to bring in new listeners to Apple Music. That said, the company is also clearly thinking about how to entice back old listeners who’d left the service: a separate report this weekend noted that lapsed Apple Music users were being push-notified with an ‘It’s not too late: Try Apple Music again for 3 months free’ push notification on their iOS devices.

Promotional deals tend – like the Shazam/Grammys one – to apply only to new subscribers, so this is a noteworthy example of opening them back out to former listeners.

Stuart Dredge

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