Spotify and Deezer attack ‘unfair practices’ of tech firms’


Much of the limelight in terms of European policy is being hogged by the new copyright directive and Article 13 this week. However, a group of European tech firms and industry bodies want to remind policymakers of another area for modernisation: that covering ‘platform-to-business’ – how large internet platform-owners like Google, Apple and Amazon treat European businesses working on their platforms (including search engines, app stores and smart speakers for example).

Anyway, yesterday a group of businesses including Spotify, Deezer and Qobuz put out their latest statement. “European businesses need fairness in the platform economy. In addition to requiring transparency, the P2B regulation must ensure online platforms refrain from unfair business practices that have a negative impact on consumer choice and threaten innovation,” they said. “ Only by addressing unfair practices can the EU create an open and innovative platform economy in Europe that delivers for businesses and consumers.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge