The Orchard co-founder Scott Cohen to join Warner Music


Earlier this month, distributor The Orchard’s co-founder Scott Cohen announced that he was ‘retiring’. It seems that this will involve very little golf, gardening and/or complaining about the buses though. He’s been hired for an as-yet undisclosed role at Warner Music Group, working on what MBW describes as ‘innovation’ (as opposed to working for WMG’s in-house equivalents of The Orchard, ADA and Level).

“A real pioneer and a maverick entrepreneur, Scott’s constantly envisioning what’s beyond the horizon for entertainment, business and society,” wrote recorded-music boss Max Lousada in a memo to staff. “He’ll be an amazing advocate for the Warner brand in the music and tech communities, and a great advisor and guide to us all, as we build a truly forward-thinking, independent-minded organisation.” Cohen should at least spark some interesting conversations within his new major-label home.

“The album was artificial when it started; record companies invented the format to generate more money. Today there is no album. For anyone under 20, their mindset is ‘who cares, give me the hits’,” he said at a recent conference appearance, while also advising his industry audience that “if you think that mixed reality isn’t interesting, you’re probably going to be replaced” and “our next evolution will be to AI generated music”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge