The team of Swedish researchers behind new book ‘Spotify Teardown’ have already roused the ire of the streaming service, which criticised their methods of digging in to its system. But with the book on the verge of release, the authors have given an interview to Rolling Stone that puts forward their view.

“The issue became: How does one get information out of this big and new platform? They weren’t allowing us to get that data. So our project has been similar to what journalists have been doing around Facebook and Twitter, asking: How do you interrogate these new major platforms when you can’t really access the data?” said Pelle Snickars.

“Spotify has been really successful in branding themselves as the friendly company that delivers music that everybody really loves. That is in contrast to Facebook, for example. But both are about the same kind of thing: getting data, working with data, knowing everything about your users. So one should also pose more critical questions like what one is doing toward Facebook at the moment toward other media or music platforms. What type of content gets promoted? What are the possibilities for new artists to break in? What power do such corporations and platforms actually have?”

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