We’ve been writing and thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) creativity in the context of music for a while now. There’s a fascinating story at the moment about another facet though: AI’s ability to write news stories and fiction.

Nonprofit research company OpenAI has created a new AI model called GPT2, which is (according to the Guardian) “so good and the risk of malicious use so high” that OpenAI isn’t releasing it to the public yet – “in order to allow more time to discuss the ramifications of the technological breakthrough”.

The full article explains how it works – the AI is fed text and then writes the next few sentences based on what it thinks should come next. It’s proving as adept at writing Brexit news stories as a new intro for George Orwell’s 1984. So to the concerns. “OpenAI made one version of GPT2 with a few modest tweaks that can be used to generate infinite positive – or negative – reviews of products. Spam and fake news are two other obvious potential downsides, as is the AI’s unfiltered nature,” reported the Guardian. “As it is trained on the internet, it is not hard to encourage it to generate bigoted text, conspiracy theories and so on.”

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