Ecrett Music launches AI-music tool for video soundtracks


The latest startup offering AI-created music is Ecrett Music, and it’s comparable to Jukedeck in its desire to create backing tracks for videos.

The startup has launched its tool for video-creators to choose a category (e.g. workout, travel, cooking), mood (happy, chill, sad etc) and length, then have a soundtrack whipped up for whatever video footage they have uploaded.

The company is launching with two pricing tiers: $5 a month for individuals and small businesses, and $9.99 a month for larger businesses. In both cases, customers can create and download as many songs as they like, for commercial use. All this music is royalty-free for use, although the copyrights are retained by Ecrett Music’s parent company Dmet Products – customers can’t resell or redistribute tracks on their own.

The company’s founder is Daigo Kusunoki, who previously launched a motion-activated music wearable device called SoundMoovz, which has shipped 400k units so far. His new venture is promising “emotional melodies that could be mistaken being made by a human composer”, as compared to “flat and machine-like in sound” rivals.

Stuart Dredge

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