Spotify’s ‘Word’ category highlights spoken-word content


Spotify has made it clear that podcasts are just its first push into non-music content, so what’s next? A blog post by the company highlighting its ‘Word’ category offers some hints.

“A category home to recordings of everything from poetry to guided meditation, audiobooks, and short stories,” as the post puts it.  We floated the idea of guided meditation as a potentially-interesting area for Spotify earlier this month, when writing about a funding round for meditation startup Calm. It turns out that this genre is already popular on Spotify: “Word listeners stream tracks on guided meditation most of all. According to our data, people can’t get enough of this mindfulness practice,” explained the company. Children’s stories are also popular: perhaps these are two areas that would benefit from Spotify investing in original recordings in the not-too-distant future.

Stuart Dredge

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