Mark Ronson on how streaming has changed modern music-making


As his new album comes out, Mark Ronson has been talking about how streaming has affected the craft of music-making. He’s not entirely impressed.

“All your songs have to be under three minutes and 15 seconds because if people don’t listen to them all the way to the end they go into this ratio of ‘non-complete heard’, which sends your Spotify rating down,” he told the Guardian, before returning to the theme later in the interview. “Everything has to be produced so it sounds competitively as loud as possible coming out of an iPhone or as loud as possible when it comes out of a Spotify hits playlist; you have to make sure the kick drum and the guitar have the same loudness and presence all the way through the whole f***ing song or you don’t stand a chance,” said Ronson. “It’s kind of crazy how you have to think about music now. I mean, Amy [Winehouse] wouldn’t have let that shit happen for a second, which makes me think how Back to Black would have been received, or how it would have probably performed badly on Spotify playlists if it was released today.” R

onson isn’t entirely down on playlists: he recently provided an exclusive playlist of ‘sad bangers’ to Apple Music.

Stuart Dredge

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