Around 91m Americans may be listening to podcasts every week


“We’re entering the Golden Age of Podcasts” claims a headline on a blog post by Chartable, a company that focuses on podcast analytics. This is based on an online survey conducted by the company recently, which aims to track some trends in the US podcasting market. Among them: 10.8% of respondents report listening to podcasts every day, while 13.8% listen a few times a week – around 60 million people if extrapolated out to the general population. Meanwhile, the 11.8% who listen once a week could swell the weekly US audience to 91 million.

Chartable has also been tracking an explosion in the number of new podcasts being launched. “In 2018, an average of 575 podcasts were started every day—that’s about one podcast every three minutes,” it claimed, adding that it now tracks more than 670k podcasts in Apple’s podcasts directory – with more than 210k of them publishing their first episode in 2018.

Anchor, the app recently acquired by Spotify, has played a big part in this: Chartable claims that it hosts more than a third of new podcasts.

There’s also a chart showing the current state of the market: 60.9% of podcast listening in the US happens through Apple, followed by 8.5% on Spotify, and then independent apps like Overcast (3.1%), Castbox (2.4%) and Stitcher (2%). It suggests that Spotify doubled its market share from 4.4% at the end of 2017.

Written by: Stuart Dredge