We like it when a new term is coined to describe people’s digital habits: ‘subscription mooching’ is our new favourite. What’s that? It’s when people ‘mooch a login’ for a streaming service like Netflix – using the login of a friend rather than paying for it themselves.

Website CordCutting has published the results of a survey of more than 1,000 people to gauge how much mooching is going on in the video-streaming world. For example, 15% of respondents admitted to doing this for a Netflix account, while Amazon Prime Video scored 16.5% and Hulu 19.2%.

Who do people mooch off? Parents are the most popular choice by far for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, although ‘significant other’ comes top for Hulu users.

“On average, people mooching a Netflix subscription used the borrowed account for 26 months. At the lowest price of $7.99 a month (more for high definition or 4K), that’s a savings of over $207 per person,” explained CordCutting – the flipside of that being it’s a loss of more than $207 per person of revenues for Netflix. “With 137 million subscribers and roughly 15 percent of users sharing their login information with at least another person at $7.99 a month, Netflix could be losing an estimated $192 million every month and $2.3 billion every year.” These are speculative stats, but interesting ones nonetheless.

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