Twitch Sings karaoke contest will offer a $20k grand prize


Last October, we wrote about Twitch Sings: plans by Amazon’s live-video service to launch a karaoke-style feature for creators on its platform. It was a partnership with music-games firm Harmonix (of Rock Band fame) that would allow people to “sing your heart out, share your performances across Twitch, or perform duets with your community”.

Twitch Sings remains in beta, but it’s going to get a promotional push with a full-on competition called Twitch Sings: Stream Star.

Creators can register for the beta (by 5 March) and then pick from the 1,000-plus songs available in Twitch Sings. Eight finalists will be narrowed down to four by voters on Twitch, with those four flown to the TwitchCon Europe event in Berlin this April to perform live on-stage, competing for a $20k grand prize.

We think the contest will be interesting for the music industry to watch: not just to gauge the potential for licensing music in to Twitch Sings, but also for a glimpse at some of the emerging musicians on Twitch. Who knows: some of them may be of interest to labels and distributors in our world…

Stuart Dredge

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  • This is interesting news. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post discussing the new directions that music was taking with consumer products in China. One of the use cases I discussed was WeSing by Tencent Music, a karaoke platform where people can sing songs they like and receive a tip from their audience. My point was that this level of music interaction and customisation could potentially be at the basis of a shift in music business models of the future. It’s already happening in China, it may well happen in the West in the future. Twitch Sings seems to embrace this new course.

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