Publishing body ICMP backs WMG over Spotify India dispute


Spotify is live in India, but its dispute with Warner Music Group continues, over the way it sought a statutory licence for works owned (partially or wholly) by publisher Warner/Chappell.

Now the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) has weighed in to the row, firmly on the side of Warner/Chappell. “Music publishers worldwide work in the interest of all creators and will fight for appropriate remuneration for all licensed use of their work. At the heart of this problem is the inappropriate use of music and the subsequent undervaluation of songwriters – Indian and international,” said director general John Phelan in a statement. “ICMP and its members express their full support of Warner/Chappell Music in its actions.”

If you’re keen to follow the legal intricacies involved, Bloomberg Quint has a good summary published this week, explaining the background to ‘Section 31D’ in Indian copyright laws. Spotify declined to comment on the ICMP statement.

Stuart Dredge

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