Alexa gets Song ID feature to announce tracks like a radio DJ


Back in the days of home taping not-actually killing music, there was a real art to pressing the ‘record’ button at exactly the right moment to cut out the DJ talking. Kids with playlists nowadays don’t know they’re born, etc etc. But interestingly, the idea of DJ-style announcements of what’s playing *are* coming back, courtesy of Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant.

It’s getting a new feature called Song ID, which will announce the track and artist name before every song that plays. The feature only works with Amazon Music, according to The Verge. It’s also optional: people can turn it on by saying ‘Alexa, turn on Song ID’, and they can turn it off again too.

Song ID could be seen as addressing one of the music industry’s worries about smart speakers and voice control – that any lean-back listening may leave the owners of these devices in the dark about who they’re listening to. Then again, if Song ID is going to have an impact, Amazon will have to ensure all those lean-back listeners know how to turn the feature on.

Stuart Dredge

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