We wrote about British startup AI Music’s recent launch of its first consumer app, which lets people try out its AI-powered ‘shapeshifting’ technology to remix songs. However, it’s also putting its tech to another, business-to-business use too.

The startup has teamed up with media agency Spark Foundry to develop something called ‘Sympaphonic Ads’. What are they? “The AI-generated audio ads use AI Music’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine to dynamically produce ad creative that matches the user’s current music genre for a more euphonious and personalised listening experience.”

Congratulations to whoever had 8 March 2019 in the sweepstakes for the first time the word ‘euphonious’ would appear in the Music Ally Bulletin… But this does seem interesting: the cheaper production of audio ads is the bigger draw for brands, we suspect, although the question of whether they can fit in more neatly to the listener’s surrounding music is interesting too (that said, if ads jar a little with the music around them, doesn’t that stop them from fading into the background? This is what AI Music will be trying to find out). ISP Cox Communications has been testing the new tech out, and the new ads can already be distributed by Pandora-owned digital-audio-ads network AdsWizz.

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