Artistory to launch ‘fantasy gaming for music’ app Labl


We haven’t come across startup Artistory before: it’s a music-analytics startup that has created what it calls the ‘Artiscore’ – a single rating for artists based on their socials, streams, touring data and other metrics. Which sounds interesting, but what’s more interesting is what Artistory is planning to do with this next. It’s developing a mobile app called Labl, which is apparently coming later this year. The app is pitched as “fantasy gaming for music” – a comparison to fantasy-sports games where people pick a team of real players then score points based on their real-life performances.

Labl will be that for music, using Artistory’s analytics. “A mobile app where fans create their own record labels, discover new music, and compete against friends for prizes,” as it puts it. This is an idea that’s been tried before: in October 2007 we wrote about a Facebook app called Fantasy Record Label launched by digital-music firm AmieStreet, while apps like TastemakerX and most-recently Laylo have taken different twists on the ‘gamifying-music-discovery’ formula.

Written by: Stuart Dredge