Apple is giving playlists the album-artwork treatment


We’re ashamed to confess that we haven’t given that much thought to the artwork for the programmed playlists on music-streaming services. That said, we suspect a fair few of those services haven’t really made it a priority either, beyond ensuring the right artist or mood-signalling image is present with the correct corporate branding. So it’s interesting to hear that Apple Music is up to something different: commissioning original art for its playlists, and treating them… well, a bit more like album covers.

“Its goal was to bring that instant recognition to its own content, so the company enlisted everyone from the creator of the iconic AC/DC logo to the person who designed the art for Migos’ chart-topping album Culture to make it happen,” reported The Verge.

Apple Music’s editorial boss Rachel Newman said that “many thousands” of playlists will be getting the original-artwork treatment, although so far the number out in the wild is hundreds. The article paints this as a very deliberate strategy on Apple’s part: to tie Apple Music’s playlists back into the heritage of album artwork.

Stuart Dredge

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