Almost Tangible wants to make audiobooks more immersive


Yesterday, Music Ally was at the Quantum conference in London. It’s a one-day event within the London Book Fair with a focus partly on new technologies and trends. One of the companies speaking was a startup called Almost Tangible which, in the light of Spotify’s push into non-music content, we found interesting.

The company is trying to take a new angle on audiobooks, turning them into “immersive soundscapes which place the listener at the heart of the action. What you hear sounds real, because our quest for an authentic and evocative sound extends to producing work at movie scale, on location”.

Its first example is a new version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, recorded on location in Glamis Castle in Scotland. So, it’s an immersive 3D-audio thing, but the current delivery method is interesting too: Macbeth is being made available as a four-episode podcast – it’s on iTunesSpotify and other platforms – with listeners encouraged to use headphones to get the full impact. It’s an interesting example of the kind of technical innovation happening around the edges of the audiobooks / podcasts sectors, anyway.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Jose Morgan says:

    I love this article. I am such a fan when it comes about audiobooks and how they make books more accessible. I’m glad there are still such people making more improvements for audiobooks. I salute you for that! Keep up the good work Almost Tangible!

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