Vochlea launches Kickstarter for its Dubler Studio Kit


We’ve been writing about British startup Vochlea since it joined the Abbey Road Red accelerator in 2017, as a company combining machine-learning and audio-analysis technology for a microphone that you could beatbox into, and have that converted into a drum pattern (along with other forms of vocalisation).

Vochlea has been talking about plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its first product since early 2018, and this morning it’s gone live.

The company is seeking £40k in pre-orders for its Dubler Studio Kit, which includes its ‘real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller’ – a microphone and the accompanying software. “You can hum a melody or synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a ‘hmmm’, ‘laaaa’ or ‘oohhh’ sound— all in real-time,” explains its pitch.

At the time of writing, backers have pledged more than £27k with 35 days still to go, so the prospects of hitting its total look good. It’s an example of AI technology (machine-learning in this case) being put to use as a tool for artists and producers.

Written by: Stuart Dredge