Facebook expands its UGC licensing deals to India and Thailand


Spotify, YouTube Music and now Facebook: who *isn’t* launching their music activities in India this year? Of course, Facebook isn’t running its own music-streaming service there. Instead, the social network has expanded its licensing deals for user-generated content (UGC) featuring copyrighted music to India.

Indian companies T-Series, Zee Music and Yash Raj Films are included in the agreements, alongside existing deals with the global major labels.

The news came as Facebook also extended its licensing agreements to Thailand, taking the total number of countries covered so far to 40.

“When it comes to India and Thailand we see in those countries such strong user growth and we know that it’s a vibrant music market, so we want those users to be able to feel like they have access to the music that matters to them in their communities,” Facebook’s director of international music publishing Anjali Southward told Billboard.

Stuart Dredge

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