Gimlet Media staff plan to unionise after Spotify acquisition


Fresh from being bought by Spotify, the staff of podcasting firm Gimlet Media have announced plans to unionise – which would make them the first US podcasting company to do so.

“As Spotify’s reported $230 million acquisition of Gimlet makes clear, however, Gimlet is no longer the small, scrappy operation memorably documented on the first season of StartUp,” wrote the organisers in a statement yesterday (as reported by BuzzFeed, which knows a thing or two about staff wanting to unionise).

“Our union is an expression of passion for what we do, and a proactive effort to work with management to shape the future of the company. It’s important for us to solidify the things that make Gimlet a great place to work, and to address whatever issues may arise.”

The organisers said that fair treatment of contractors, workplace diversity, employee intellectual property, and transparency around pay, promotions, and termination will be the key issues once they unionise. That said, a quote in the story from podcaster Eric Eddings suggests that staff are welcoming Spotify’s acquisition on some of these grounds.

“A lot of the benefits we were hoping Gimlet would codify and put in a contract, Spotify offers those benefits and then some. They’re often a little more generous in that particular area, but the same concerns we had still exist.”

Stuart Dredge

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